Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Karaoke Politics

Karaoke Politics
Its funny how the mind works, I was reading a great speech given by a young labour member with a bright future called Shakira earlier. I have to say that I was honoured to be present when her maiden speech was originally delivered. Her thoughts and words reinforced to me, how important our young people are, how neglected they have been by successive governments and how much their futures could be improved under a labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn and only Jeremy Corbyn. Because under a tory government, there is no chance of university fees being abolished and the tories will continue to deprive young people of a decent education, whilst keeping the prospect of owning their own homes, out of reach for far too many. And under any other labour leader, there is always a risk that these dreams may never be realised.

So, it got me thinking 'how do we get young people involved?'

I drove passed Newcastle College and as always, there were hundreds of students outside who could directly benefit from Jeremy Corbyns policies, so how could we reach them?
I thought we could do leaflet drops, in-house presentations or even mini political lunchtime rallies (weather permitting), jam sandwiches and Jeremy Corbyn so to speak.

It was about this time that an unrequested random thought decided to pop into my head. As a fifty something Jeremy Corbyn supporter, I have been likened to a college student who has the same reverence over Jeremy Corbyn that a teenager has over any culturally popular band.

Now this accusation may not be far from the truth.

Young people like their pop stars.

I like Jeremy Corbyn.

Young people have belief and connection with their bands lyrics.

I have belief and connection with Jeremy Corbyns policies.

So yes, it may be true, I may have a reverence for Jeremy Corbyn but I may also be able to explain it.

So why is it that some bands are more popular than others? They all use the same notes and largely the same lyrics. What makes some songs good whilst others are outstanding? Its down to construction.

This is what Jeremy Corbyn has done with his politics, I hear people say that its just the same old notes, but the difference is how he has put them together. The music in politics is policy. You create wealth and homes and it is music to your ears, however if you vote for war in Iraq or cutting welfare payments at the same time, then you’ve thrown in a couple of bum notes or you sing out of tune, it makes you wince a bit. Its not right. But Jeremy Corbyn has created a symphony of policy, you cant help but listen to its beauty, there are no bum notes and no offensive lyrics or flat tones, everything beautifully harmonised.
But, there are others performing the same music and the same lyrics so why is Jeremy Corbyns composition the most popular and why is he revered over people singing the same song?
Simply put, it is because Jeremy Corbyns symphony ‘is’ the original, he is the one who spent decades working on the composition, perfecting the lyrics and disposing of the bum notes to produce the perfect political composition, it is his masterpiece. It cant be tweaked or improved as any attempts to do so only result in a carbon copy from which the depth of feeling, originality and creativity used to create it are missing.
So this is why I support Jeremy Corbyn, because I’d rather have the original version than the karaoke.